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NAU Tri-Beta

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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page after each meeting.

Updated: 4-13-06

Next Meeting: April 27, 5:30PM in BS 256
BBB Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2006:
Ashley is going to make a lovely 2ft by 2ft quilt square to represent our club in the U of A quilt. The quilt is going to be made up of squares from various science organizations... and I was kinda unsure about the ultimate point of the quilt... something about health coverage for those who lack it.
Relay for Life - Relay is April 21-22, 7PM to 6AM. Everything is in place for us to have our little bio carnival, so all we need to do is build the Plinko board and the Spinning Wheel of Biology. These will be constructed and painted April 20th at 5:30. We need a lot of help to get this done, so everybody show up and help us out! Plus, there will be free food!! (Hertha - we need your waiver!)
Adopt a Highway will take place April 22. After Relay ends (6AM), we will eat breakfast at the Country Host, hit the pavement around 8AM, and be done by 10AM.
Seminar Tea is still going on every Monday, and we need your continued support to keep it a success. Please come help us set up (2:30) and tear down (3:30) in the 2nd Floor Bio lobby.
The plant sale was a huge success! We sold all of the plants and made around $2000 (final count pending). Thanks to everyone who helped out in the greenhouse, and to those who manned the booth!
President: Nicole and Katie {and Zacchaeus... kinda, sorta... not really}
VP: Xenia, Nicole, Sierra, Stacie, Hertha, Katie
Secretary: Janelle, Sierra, Nicole
Treasurer: Jake, Janelle, Mandy
Historian: Sierra, Janelle, Mandy
Greenhouse (square): Hertha
Greenhouse (circle): Katie, Chris
If anyone wishes to decline their nomination, let us know. Elections will occur at the next/last meeting ( April 27th). There will be a BBB BBQ after the meeting, hopefully at a park, but the details are still being worked out. Election code: (1) don't be mean (2) speeches have a 2 minute max (3) people can ask questions at the completion of the speech.
*Please email me with ideas, comments or questions.

Janelle (