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NAU Tri-Beta



Welcome to Tri-Beta at Northern Arizona University!!
We are excited to give you another way to get a hold of us!  The minutes for the last meeting is under the newsletter and do not forget to check out what activities we are involved in and how you can get involved!

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization, so why not consider Tri-Beta at NAU!  This Biological Honor Society has many great opportunities to get involved.  We promote undergraduate research, host the weekly seminar tea, and put together an annual BBB-Q so the students can interact with faculty and graduate students.  We have adopted a highway, and also do numerous other social events. We will keep you posted, on upcoming events as they occur!


Please get in touch with the website crew to offer comments and join our mailing list.